How My Mother Got Rid Of Her “Leaky Throat” Syndrome Without Medications

Hi, I’m Carl.

A few years ago my mother caught a cold and started experiencing severe nasal congestion. A thick mucus started building up in her throat making it difficult to breathe and sleep.

She began taking over-the-counter mucus medications. None of them helped, and in fact the congestion was getting worse.

“She tried it all. But, none of them helped. In fact, the congestion was getting worse.”


Pharmaceutical Drugs

Invasive Medical Procedure

We then went to the most ‘qualified’ ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) doctors. Their prognosis was that the mucus congestion was a result of old age and fairly common.

They said there’s a risky surgery which they don’t recommend and that she’ll likely have to deal with these symptoms for the rest of her life.

“She’ll have to live with the symptoms for the rest of her life.”

As a Holistic Nutritionist I knew that her symptoms were related to the body’s inflammatory response and began making her fresh ginger tea and freshly squeezed turmeric shots. It was helping the symptoms a little but not enough.

After researching the difficulties our bodies have absorbing turmeric, I began formulating an absorbable formula of these superfoods from Mama Gaia.

Enter our best-selling and best-tasting supplement, Prana. Within just minutes of first trying Prana, the mucus congestion cleared and she exclaimed, “I’ve got my life back, we did it!”.

Since then she’s taken Prana everyday and whenever congestion arises, Prana quickly takes care of it. As a son, there was no greater feeling than helping mom feel better after suffering for eight months.

Nature’s Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients

“I’ve got my life back, we did it!”

I recognized that this powerful, natural medicine has the ability to restore one’s life force, called Prana, so that’s what we called it.

Later, we realized the truly divine nature of this creation since my mother’s name, Rana, was unknowingly in the name PRANA. It was my mother who encouraged me to start producing prana so that others could experience the natural relief that helped her.

We thank and honor you for helping bring this powerful natural medicine to the world.

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Decrease inflammation

Improve brain function

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