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"This is what turmeric and ginger do for you. I am bone on bone on my left knee, and I've been taking turmeric and ginger in my protein shake, and now with PRANA by Leefy Organics. I went to my orthopedist, and told them this is what I can do without you. Turmeric and Ginger and PRANA, better yet!"


“If you know me you know that I’m all about natural remedies and hate relying on any medications if I don’t have to. I’ve been absolutely loving this Prana supplement by @leefyorganics and am SO glad I finally tried it out!

It’s become an everyday staple. I love to take it for my overall wellbeing, immune support, and to get all the amazing benefits from turmeric and ginger. Plus it can relieve my occasional headaches faster than anything else and helps me heal from any muscle strains or inflammation I may get from working out 👏✨”


"My pre-lupus diagnosis really threw me, and my joints, for a major loop. Medications can be SO helpful, but I wanted to try natural options first like changing up my diet, adding in exercise, and trying natural supplements.

I asked a friend of mine who knows way more than I do about supplements and natural healing and she recommended I try Prana from [@leefyorganics]( and I will never be able to thank her enough!

This turmeric and ginger powerhouse packs a mighty punch in an easy to use liquid form, and has been shown to decrease inflammation, improve brain function, benefit heart health, and improve joint conditions!”


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"I’ve stopped using over the counter medicine from pharmacy stores for years now since I’ve transitioned over to holistic alternatives. Our earth provides us natural solutions to keep our health in check, such as these wonderful roots: Ginger and Tumeric! 🙌🏼

I especially looove me some tumeric for brain function. I already have a habit of extracting these powerful roots whenever my immune system feels down, and @LeefyOrganics helps me maintain a daily intake to keep my health in check with their wonderful Prana ✨

Leefy’s PRANA formula combines Organic ginger and tumeric in the form of an alcohol free juicy tincture! Typically I’m hesitant with tinctures because of the taste but this Prana is actually sweet and yummy 😋 Like nature’s candy 🍃 Their ingredients are sourced locally and the best part: it’s vegan, gluten free, organic and Non-GMO! For those of you interested in trying an alternative holistic use of medicine, this is it!"

@jaclynreneewellness 👑🌱✨

"When I take leefy, I picture the tonic touching every cell in my body as it goes down. I can feel it reducing inflammation and eliminating symptoms.

Leefy has replaced 5 different supplements for me as I use it to relief cramps, headaches, occasional bloat and joint pain.

Taking it daily has minimized these symptoms overall for me. Safe to say, I do not leave home without it."


"My favorite go-to for inflammation & pain management is @leefyorganics a tincture of Turmeric, Ginger and Black Pepper. Simple, right?! Crazy that those 3 ingredients make pain disappear. Turmeric is the most powerful anti-inflammatory super food.

Curcumin is the active ingredient in Turmeric. Curcumin has many health benefits but primarily aids in reducing inflammation. It’s great for joint pain management.

Black pepper helps the body absorb Curcumin by 2000%. These two work together to help with pain and inflammation. Ginger Root is known to help with nausea, motion sickness as well as pain and inflammation. I use Leefy for inflammation, headaches, cramps, joint pain & teething!

Leefy has become a MUST HAVE product in my cabinet."


Become our next success story and feel the amazing health benefits of nature's powerful plants.