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  • After years of research to find the best products to use in my home & to recommend for my patients in my practice I have found it... We have been using Leefy in our home for almost 3 years and it is by far our favorite supplement!

    Dr. Joe, Functional Medicine@dr.josepharena

    Prana is one of my favorite formulations for mitigating inflammation. I use it as a staple in my botanical pharmacopoeia, and it's been a godsend in particular for my migraine headaches!

    Ale Le Vere, Holistic Health Writer@empoweredautoimmune

    Leefy prana has been such a blessing in my life - For my whole family. We all use it! It works really well, it’s good for us, and it tastes amazing!

    Shawna, Holistic Mom@alittlelesstoxic

  • No makeup, edit or filter; just good light and @leefyorganics ✨This has by far been my favorite product to reduce inflammation 🌸

    Laura Arianna, Miss Santa Monica USA 2020, @laura.arianna

    Good for on-the-go, helps to reduce inflammation, and keeps me in good shape to dominate on and off the court!

    Dustin Watter, Team USA. Volleyball World Cup Champion, @dustinwatten

    If you know me you know that I don’t take any kind of pills or medication 💊 and I am not big fan of recommending them to my patients either. I am a huge advocate of natural alternatives/solutions to decrease pain and inflammation. This is why I highly recommend PRANA!

    Dr. Rebecca Hopkins D.C., @thechiropracticguru

  • I use Leefy supplements every day.

    Derek Pratt, Elite Trainer & Athlete, @derekprattfit

    Leefy tinctures are a staple in my medicine cabinet. They can be just as effective as over the counter medicine for pain relief and more.

    Meg Kilcup, Integrative Health Practitioner and Pharmacist, @awholehealthlife

    I use Leefy supplements daily to help support my immune system and aid muscle recovery after my workouts!

    Elias Michael, Best-Selling author, @eliwehbe

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Crafting Health Solutions That Transform Lives

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I was disappointed with conventional treatments for my Mother's health condition which led me to formulate a unique solution for her.

Our all natural turmeric & ginger formulation rejuvenated her well-being and has become a beacon of relief for over 200k people around the world.



Initially inspired by a personal success in improving the well-being of the founder's mother, Leefy Organics is a company that offers all-organic, fast-absorbing superfood supplements designed as healthy alternatives for families.

What makes LEEFY ORGANICS different from other turmeric supplements out there?

Leefy Organics differentiates from other turmeric supplements by focusing on the absorption of its all-organic, superfood ingredients. Our products are designed to ensure that the nutrients are not just consumed, but effectively absorbed by the body, maximizing their health benefits.

Will it work for me?

We recognize that the effectiveness of our supplements may vary from person to person. The results depend on individual health factors and how well one's body absorbs the nutrients.

Have these nutrients been studied before?

Yes, we at Leefy Organics ensure that the nutrients in our supplements have been extensively studied. We utilize well-researched ingredients to maximize health benefits and safety for our customers.