Choosing An Effective Turmeric Supplement

Choosing An Effective Turmeric Supplement

November 16, 2018

Turmeric is known as the miracle spice and rightfully so. This superfood has over 6000 studies documenting its vast medicinal benefits. However, recent studies have shown that it is difficult for our bodies to absorb it’s key compound/nutrient, curcumin.  Having so many choices when it comes to buying a turmeric supplement can be confusing to choose the right one.  So what makes an effective, bioavailable turmeric supplement?

Let’s start with the basics. When choosing any supplement you want to make sure that it has all natural ingredients. Many companies add fillers, chemicals, preservatives, sweeteners, etc to increase their profits.  Next, you want to choose a product with locally sourced, organic ingredients. It won’t do you much good if your turmeric is non-organic, GMO and sourced from China.  Quality matters when it comes to ingredients.

After you’ve found quality ingredients, you should look at how the supplement is made. Always opt for a whole food based, full spectrum supplement rather than a supplement that only contains a single nutrient.  For example, many turmeric supplements only contain curcumin. Aside from curcumin, there are many other beneficial compounds within the turmeric root like curcuminoids and natural oils. Having a full spectrum of the natural compounds in your supplement is far superior than a single extract.

Now let’s discuss the most important topic regarding turmeric, which is absorption.  Modern science has revealed that our bodies only absorb about 5-10% of curcumin from standard turmeric supplements.  One way to help our bodies absorb curcumin is to add black pepper, which can increase absorption by up to 2000%. Many supplements add black pepper, however, there’s one more crucial component that can take your turmeric supplement to the next level and that is fat.  When curcumin is ingested with a fat, also known as a lipid, it promotes much better absorption. Another issue with turmeric supplements in pill and powder forms is that they must make it through harsh stomach acids before being absorbed. This is why liquid supplements are far superior and are gaining popularity.  Liquid supplements that are taken sublingually allow absorption to begin in the mouth and continue into the digestive system.

Even amongst liquid forms of turmeric supplements, there are many choices.  Most liquid supplements are extracted with alcohol, resulting in a nauseating taste unsuitable for most people.  Alcohol is not something you want to consume when taking a health supplement. Also, alcohol lacks the crucial lipid base necessary for maximum bioavailability.  Vegetable glycerin is a more suitable extraction method providing a lipid base and also a sweet, honey-like taste.

Leefy’s turmeric supplement, PRANA, contains all of the key elements: locally sourced, organic, all-natural, whole food based, full spectrum extraction, bioavailability with both black pepper and a lipid base, absorbable liquid form, alcohol-free, and made in small batches with love.  We formulated PRANA to create the most effective and bioavailable turmeric supplement in existence. Experience why many are raving about the effectiveness and amazing taste of PRANA!


Founder, Holistic Nutritionist

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