Improve Brain Function

Improved Brain Health by Reducing Stress & Boosting Memory

brain health and function

Curcumin, the primary active component of turmeric can improve memory, mental calmness, and stress. Diet, level of mental and physical activity can all play an important role in slowing down the aging process of the brain. This slowdown is the most effective means of fighting conditions such as Alzheimer and dementia.

Studies have shown that curcumin provides brain health benefits to the brain in addition to the cardiovascular system. Curcumin also contributes to the increase of the brain hormone BDNF (external link) which promotes healthy longevity of neurons (nerve cells). It does so by helping growth, and maturation, as well as healthy maintenance of these types of brain cells.

The healthy function of the brain can be impacted by a clumping protein called amyloid-beta. Studies have concluded that curcumin can play a significant role in prevention and clearing of such buildups.

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